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My heart is scattered between the rocky coast of Maine, the mountains of the west, a tiny town in Ohio and the wilderness of New Zealand.


Coffee, sunlight and blue skies bring me comfort. New landscapes, weird people and changes bring me inspiration. Making things-especially with my hands brings me joy. I’m tall and should work on slowing down. I can listen to Lauryn Hill, Theo Katzman, Mac Miller, Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers, Alison Krauss, Khruangbin and Jerry Garcia all in the same playlist. I learned the power of a music community at fiddle camp and some of my most treasured memories are of nights spent strumming an out of tune guitar as people I hadn’t met before turned into friends.

My musical background is eclectic to say the least-I’ve been in bluegrass bands, electronic groups, rock bands, jazz bands, and combinations of it all. I’ve played in bars (too many bars), forests, stages, on boats, and in cars with the windows rolled down.

Writing songs has been a lifelong ritual for me since I was a toddler banging on a keyboard. Human connection through music is the closest thing I know to magic. I write my songs quickly and sometimes I have no idea what they are about. My dream is to make and share music forever.


My relationship to music has waxed and waned through the years, but in some form or another music-writing it, studying it, listening to it, loving it- has always been a constant pull. I’m not sure how to describe my music but maybe something I’m feeling you’re feeling too. I have no idea what it will sound like next. Here’s to reinventing, sharing stories, dancing.


Thank you for listening, it really means the world!