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"Lena Rich has a style unabashedly her own. Vibrant in her performances, she layers the energy of rock n’ roll over the heart of a country girl. At just 20 years old, she has a commanding presence: tall, elegant, with wild waves of hair and a striking smile. Yet her perspective and lyrics are mature beyond her years.  Throughout her songs she paints detailed imagery. In the song Spelling Out Your Name, she tells of, "strip malls and dirty cars, and at night I can't see the stars.”  Coupled with articulate and vivid lyrics, Lena’s melodies are interesting, ripe with harmony. Her passion and confidence come through on stage, making Lena Rich a new alt-country artist worth checking out."

-Amanda Kenyon, Blue Crane Music

A nine track, roughly thirty one minutes, album of engaging texture which weaves a gentle thread of soft silk through the room. The songs are a well balanced melding of semi-acoustic guitar led instrumentation that serves to highlight a rich and expressively able vocal in to which the listener finds themselves hypnotically drawn. There is a slightly wistful undertow to the soundscape, which adds to the hold of Something In Between with the middle track Red House being my highlight. -Tim Whale,

"Lena takes her listeners on an optimistic journey that transitions from fearing the unknown to fearlessly embracing it. Just as Lena learned about her own inspirations, patience, and perseverance while making the album, through listening to it we learn a thing or two about when to hold on, when to let go, and how to say goodbye.  -Etre & Faire Magazine

I can't say enough good things about Lena Rich. She's the real deal: a talented, hardworking and artistically ambitious singer-songwriter.

-Ian Ramsey, Musician

“Something In Between” is a 9 track long project featuring some of the most amazing storytelling you’ll hear by a rising star. Lena Rich recorded an enjoyable full length album that showcases her well-polished songwriting ability which often at times is emotionally driven, but with a warm sense of optimism throughout. -Discover Nu

Musically, it’s hard to categorise the album into one genre as there are elements of both indie folk and soft rock in each song. The highlight of the album is the penultimate track “Something To Keep”, Rich sounds confident as she sings about being uncertain of doing specific things for a potential lover. Lena Rich has a bright future ahead, her debut is warm, enjoyable and relatable. -Discover Nu

She's a singer songwriter with a youthful heart filled with wisdom...she's got a finger on the pulse, and you'll probably be singing her melodies for a time to come. -Nate Eldridge, WCSH6

I suspect she’ll receive high marks for the effort because the album is terrific, starting with the opening title track. The singer-songwriter has a warm, bright voice, and the song is about finding the middle ground in an unsteady romance, or at least that’s my take on it. With acoustic and electric guitar, the song bounces along at a steady clip, and I can absolutely imagine hearing it on the radio, which is why I’ll be spinning it on my local music show, “Music from 207” on WCLZ. -Aimsel Ponti, Maine Today

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