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About Me

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I've been drawn to making music my entire life. Whether it was banging on the keys of an upright piano in my grandfather's lap as a toddler, playing fiddle around a campfire or performing around the U.S., music has always been my rock - grounding me, teaching me, inspiring me and connecting me with community. I've been a part of bluegrass bands, jazz bands, folk bands and played classical music but my original music remains the most "me", genre-less and ever-evolving.  

Collaboration is essential for my creativity. I love partnering with other artists and producers to see what we can create.

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Growing up on the coast of Maine gave me a strong relationship with the outdoors from a young age. I feel most inspired and connected to my creativity when I'm immersed in nature. Although it's not always conscious, I find I write most about human connection, concepts of home, and moments that stick in my mind, mundane or not. The process of writing a song from start to finish is really what lights me up the most. I've yet to find a more invigorating feeling. 

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